Create a
Marketing Strategy

With a handbook and 4 workshop posters, we build a personalised marketing strategy designed to set your business ahead of the pack. This is for business owners, leaders and marketers who want to challenge the status quo.

Your guide to positioning & marketing your business



Setting goals for your marketing plan.


Understanding the context of your business.


Understanding what your customers truly want.


Finding a core message that resonates.


Selecting marketing channels to drive growth.


Prioritising activities to be completed first.


Calculating how to measure the performance.


Example of a Performance Dashboard.

DIY Self-Guided
Handbook & Posters Download

Recommended for
Experienced Marketers

$29 inc GST

Includes digital handbook and 4 posters download. Can be used to run a DIY workshop within your own organisation.

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Live Workshop

Recommended for
Business Owners & Leaders

$1,830 inc GST

Includes printed handbook & posters, workshop facilitation and personal marketing plan summary. In-person or online.

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The Advertising Shop CYC Case Study

“Thanks again for your insight and encouragement.  Our enquiries have increased significantly year on year.  I do appreciate your willingness to speak into our marketing plan and your design work is excellent!”
Andrew Grant, CYC Burleigh

Marketing Performance

$105 revenue earned for every $1 advertising budget spent.
  • Strategy
  • Website Development
  • Video Production
  • Paid Search
  • Paid Social

Ryan Lock
The Advertising Shop Founder
MarketingMASTERED Workshop Facilitator

Ryan-Lock-Marketing-Management-Experience 2

Workshop FAQ's

Business owners, leaders and marketers who want to challenge the status quo and drive predictable revenue growth. While the principles included in the workshop are applicable to all business sizes, we believe that small to medium sized organisations will benefit most by implementing the workshop findings. Both new and existing businesses are welcome to participate.

The Advertising Shop operates with the understanding that a business model that doesn’t already resonate with customers is unlikely to grow over time, even if advertising budget is spent to reach new customers.

For this reason, the workshop steps through the fundamental building blocks of positioning and marketing a business according to its unique advantages and features. From there, informed marketing work, such as website development, creative production and advertising campaigns, can be completed with the confidence that the marketing spend will drive profitable growth and positive return on investment. Do the work now to pay dividends later.

Given this big picture approach, the MarketingMASTERED workshop doesn’t include detailed training on how to advertise using individual marketing channels (Social Media, Search, Websites, Video, etc). If you would like to enquire about channel-specific training or services, please contact us directly.

The Self-Guided Handbook & Posters download includes a digital PDF version of the workshop handbook and accompanying four (4) posters. It includes all material used for the Consultancy-Guided Live Workshop.

Marketing is a broad subject. It can include SEO, PPC, Social, Programmatic, Creative Production, Website and eCommerce development, CRO, Events and much more… this workshop doesn’t cover “How to run your day to day marketing”. There are plenty of other online resources and books that cover this finer detail.

The MarketingMASTERED workshop is focused on positioning your organisation to ensure that all following marketing work drives predictable growth. Using the workshop recommendations to run marketing activity can be done by yourself or by an agency or consultancy, such as The Advertising Shop.

Yes, we can run a workshop via video call.

Yes, while we believe that deep diving into the fundamentals of what drives a business’s growth is beneficial to do at the beginning, we can successfully work with clients without doing the workshop. The longer a client works with us, the more the workshop principles will be instilled within the marketing execution — it’s innate within how we work.

We work with small business owners, leaders and marketers who are ready to drive predictable revenue growth. Reach out to meet your dedicated Campaign Manager.