First impressions are important. What impression does your branding make?


A brand is more than a logo, it’s a reputation that precedes you.  A strong and consistent brand builds business recognition and customer trust, encourages word of mouth and reduces the cost of marketing by improving the efficacy of each marketing dollar spent.

Building a strong brand requires a consistent and differentiated visual style and tone of voice across all communications; logo, website, advertising, packaging, signage and other collateral.

In a crowded market, customers choose between a selection of competing brands, with the strongest, most consistent, professional and appealing brands attracting the most new customers.

Talk to us about designing a Visual Identity System (ViS), including logo, design assets, colour palette, tone of voice and much more to position your brand ahead of the competition.

Who is this for?

Businesses that are newly established or would gain new vitality from a brand refresh.